What To See and Do in Chile’

Chile is regarded as world’s most narrow land. Its capital is Santiago. Chile claimed 1,250,000 kilometers land area of Antarctica, you can keep chile on your list to have a visit. Torres Del Paine National Park, Valle De La Luna, and the Atacama Desert. Easter Island. Santiago, Chile’s Lake District, Valparaíso, Lauca National Park, Pumalín Park are some places you can go while visiting Chile. Life is too short and it will be beneficiary if you work for that shortest period without laziness. Your thirst for knowledge and desire to see the unseen may make you a success.

Easter Island: It is in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called moai. In 1995 it is declared as world heritage site by Unesco. It is one of the most remote places in Chile.

Valparaiso: It is a port city in Chile and regarded as a major city and seaport in Chile. Valparaíso is situated about 120 km northwest of Santiago road. In Valparaiso, you may find seven universities. It was declared by Unesco the center of education and culture in 2003. Now thousands of tourists visit Valparaiso from around the world to enjoy the city’s labyrinth of cobbled alleys and colorful walls.

Torres Del Paine National Park: The park is located 112 km north of Punta Arenas. The park is one of the 11 protected areas of the Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctica. It is the most visited and largest park in Chile, almost 252,000 people visit the park per year. Most of the visitors are foreigners.The area is blessed with so many rivers and lakes. The well-known lakes include Grey, Pehoe, Nordenskiold, and Sarmiento.

Lauca National Park: The park is located 145 kilometers east of Arica and 12 kilometers west of Putre. The main attraction of the park is the Cotacotani lakes that include archaeological sites, lava fields, and volcanic calderas.

So, don’t make delay, pick up your camera, necessary items, beautiful costumes and get ready to enjoy your days in this most beautiful country Chile that can make a rememberable memory. Next time I come back, I’m bringing my sister and her husband from Arizona.  she is a small business owner (a nail salon) and he owns a towing and auto repair shop called Mesa Towing Services.  Hurry to cut your ticket and fly to Chile.