Visiting Greece

Greece is probably one of the dream destinations of almost every tourist around the world. Talk about the magical mermaid tales, turquoise waters, and the unique neighborhood on the cliff-side overlooking the ocean.

There are just so many things to see in Greece than what you read in magazines. However, with so many places to check in Greece, it is hard to finish all of them given the short summertime. So we have listed the top five places that you should not miss when visiting this beautiful city during summer.

  1.   ATHENS

Athens is the vibrant capital of Greece and the birthplace of democracy. If you want to see the wonderful Corinthian architectures and the hilly district of Kolonaki, you should go to Athens.  You can tour Athens around three to four days and cover almost all of its highlights including the Acropolis, ancient Agora, and the National Archaeological Museum.


Just 15vmiles outside Athens is the mysterious Lake Vouliagmen. Many tourists find this lake a little mysterious rather than magical amidst its pristine beauty. This is probably because of how the lake came into form. Vouliagmeni comes from the Greek work vouliiazo, which means “submerge”. Many years ago, the lake was formed after a massive underwater spring let loose and caused a huge cave to collapse. The lake has a high concentration in salt which gives it a high therapeutic value.


The second city of Greece is called Thessaloniki, which was established in 316 B.C. You can imagine how old the buildings and streets in this city but the government and the locals were to preserve its beauty. There are many things you can see in this city that will lead you back to the ancient Roman Empire such as the Roman and Byzantine ruins, Christian heritage, and the rich and fascinating Jewish history. Touring around Thessaloniki is both a historical and cultural immersion. We suggest that you do some readings before visiting this city in order to appreciate all the highlights it can offer.


Ironically Milos Island is famous for the Venus de Milo statue which is not even here but in the louvre. Nevertheless, Milos Island is a top destination for lovers and newly-wed couples who want to spend their honeymoon. If you are travelling with your significant other, we recommend that you visit this wonderful city.

  1.   PAROS

Don’t worry as Greece itself is a haven of beautiful beaches like Paros. Located south of Mykonos, this pristine beach is a popular hideout of the Greeks. The beach itself is home to various restaurants that offer mouth-watering cuisines at a great price point. You can come here and relax after a tiresome city tour.