Best Places to Visit in Finland

So, you’re planning a holiday in Finland but not sure from where to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you!

Finland is a large country, here you have to decide where to go and to make the most of it, we prefer exploring the four main regions: Helsinki area, Lakeland, Archipelago, and Lapland. When people think of Finland, the first thing comes in mind is majestic forests and stunning natural landscapes where you can spend much time.

To help you, we have shared a list below of the best places to visit in Finland. Finland is all about beautiful forests, clean lakes, and amazing seaside.

Explore a castle name Olavinlinna

This castle sits in Savonlinna and famed for its three dominating towers and was constructed on a rock in the center of a glassy lake to afford it more protection from enemies. This is the best place to visit if you love history.

You’ll get into the castle while walking across a series of creaking bridges and the inside is a maze of ornate towers. There are guided tours here, which last an hour and will fill you in on all the history of daily life in the castle in the past.

Go skiing with Levi

The white unspoilt paradise, yes, here you’ll feel like paradise covered with white snow all over. If you love the snow and skiing, then you should add this to your list.

Here you’ll find the amazing 43 different slopes that are perfect for all different 26 ski lifts. Likewise, If you like snowboarding then there is a dedicated snowboard park also in the resort.

But if you don’t like doing any of above then don’t worry, you can also find a couple of activities to enjoy here like husky sled rides and a mesmerizing reindeer park.

Visit the animals at Helsinki Zoo

Ooh, It’s shiny!! This place is best to visit with family, especially with kids. If you are an animal lover then too you should visit this place, visiting the zoo is the best thing to do because here you’ll find the impressive 150 different species of animals as well as 1,000 kinds of plants. Animals as camels, bears, wolverines, monkeys, and lions which are generally not available in other zoos.

Nordic animals like wolves, reindeers, elks, and bison are the unique feature of this place.

Visit & watch the Imatrankoski Rapids

The Imatrankoski Rapids, one of the most favored attractions in Finland outside of Helsinki.

The rapids antedate 5,000 years and have been the result of flowing water from nearby lakes. Now, after the construction of the large dam, the rapids are released several times a day in the summer months so that visitors can enjoy the spectacular moving waves. This is like a treat to the eyes.

Visit the golden beach at Hietaniemi

Hietaniemi, an area on the outskirts of Helsinki, which nestles on the coast of Finland.

Here you can feel the unexpected golden sand on your body and also can visit a number of shops where you can rent kayaks and canoes to ride on the water. There are some parks along where you can sit by side to enjoy the coastal breezes and local eateries.

There is also a sauna where you can heat up if feeling cold anytime.

Venture inside Högberget Cave

Högberget Cave, which is known as the ‘Womb of Mother Earth’. Here you can walk to the cave which will open out of the side of granite cliff and the area around the cave is famous for its hiking trails which cut through the beautiful Finnish countryside.

You can take chances to go inside the gaping hole inside of the mountain to feel the majesty of this stunning relic from a bygone era.

Finland is one of the rare destinations, still untouched, unlike other mainstream travel spots. You can call out the dearth places here if you are an adventurer, the tourist, the shopper, and the culture-lover!! There are many more attraction points and unique things to do in Finland. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Finland right away if you wish to experience all above.