Visiting Greece

Greece is probably one of the dream destinations of almost every tourist around the world. Talk about the magical mermaid tales, turquoise waters, and the unique neighborhood on the cliff-side overlooking the ocean.

There are just so many things to see in Greece than what you read in magazines. However, with so many places to check in Greece, it is hard to finish all of them given the short summertime. So we have listed the top five places that you should not miss when visiting this beautiful city during summer.

  1.   ATHENS

Athens is the vibrant capital of Greece and the birthplace of democracy. If you want to see the wonderful Corinthian architectures and the hilly district of Kolonaki, you should go to Athens.  You can tour Athens around three to four days and cover almost all of its highlights including the Acropolis, ancient Agora, and the National Archaeological Museum.


Just 15vmiles outside Athens is the mysterious Lake Vouliagmen. Many tourists find this lake a little mysterious rather than magical amidst its pristine beauty. This is probably because of how the lake came into form. Vouliagmeni comes from the Greek work vouliiazo, which means “submerge”. Many years ago, the lake was formed after a massive underwater spring let loose and caused a huge cave to collapse. The lake has a high concentration in salt which gives it a high therapeutic value.


The second city of Greece is called Thessaloniki, which was established in 316 B.C. You can imagine how old the buildings and streets in this city but the government and the locals were to preserve its beauty. There are many things you can see in this city that will lead you back to the ancient Roman Empire such as the Roman and Byzantine ruins, Christian heritage, and the rich and fascinating Jewish history. Touring around Thessaloniki is both a historical and cultural immersion. We suggest that you do some readings before visiting this city in order to appreciate all the highlights it can offer.


Ironically Milos Island is famous for the Venus de Milo statue which is not even here but in the louvre. Nevertheless, Milos Island is a top destination for lovers and newly-wed couples who want to spend their honeymoon. If you are travelling with your significant other, we recommend that you visit this wonderful city.

  1.   PAROS

Don’t worry as Greece itself is a haven of beautiful beaches like Paros. Located south of Mykonos, this pristine beach is a popular hideout of the Greeks. The beach itself is home to various restaurants that offer mouth-watering cuisines at a great price point. You can come here and relax after a tiresome city tour.

Most Attractive Places in Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal, but it is located off the coast of Morocco in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is well-known as the Garden Island as well as the Pearl of the Atlantic, and it boasts a mild and comfortable climate year-round. There are plenty of amazing tourist destinations in Madeira to explore.

Monte Toboggan Run

When you’re done discovering these yards, there is no need to walk back down by yourself. Instead, you can experience the Monte Toboggan Run. Pressing and assisting the basket will certainly be two men wearing the conventional all-white costume, straw hat as well as using rubber footwear that also serve as brakes!

Ponta de São Lourenço

Along the eastern tip of Madeira is the Ponta de São Lourenço, a picturesque peninsula that is currently a nature reserve. Unlike much of the island, Ponta de São Lourenco is dry and gusty with sensational volcanic rock formations. This is the place to explore if you’re thrilled regarding amazing all-natural landscapes.

Sao Vicente Caves

Greater than 890,000 years earlier, the Sao Vicente Caves were developed as the outcome of a volcanic eruption. The outside of the lava flow cooled down quickly, while the indoor took longer. This created numerous lava tubes, a number of which have actually been open to the general public because of the 1990s. The rate of admission allows you to go through these amazing below ground caves, as well as it also consists of a check out to the Volcano Facility.

Porto Santo

The northernmost island in the Madeira archipelago is Porto Santo. This island is extensively recognized for its spectacular coastlines, which go for virtually 10 kilometers. Porto Santo is not as established as Madeira, which indicates that there are more coastal strolls and also treks for nature fans. Make sure to check out the walk around the Pico do Facho, which is the highest possible view on the island, for impressive views.

Porto Moniz Natural Pools

At the northwestern pointer of the island is Porto Moniz, a location recognized for its tasty sugar walking stick and also honey cake. Beyond simply the bakeries, you’ll intend to have a look at the natural pools in the area. These natural pools were created by the air conditioning of volcanic lava, as well as the water within them originates from the sea.

Cabo Girao

If you’re looking for that epic sight, look no more than Cabo Girao. This is among the highest possible sea high cliffs on the planet, as well as it provides a really spectacular vantage point. To contribute to the already spectacular view from the high cliff, there is currently a glass skywalk.

Madeira Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is known to locals as the Jardim Botânico da Madeira, the yards lie simply a mile from downtown as well as perched above the city. A number of the plants are native, however, there is a section reserved for unusual foreign plants. This is one of the leading tourist attractions below.

Levada Strolls

In Madeira, the levadas are a system of aqueducts, most of which day completely back to the 15th century. The levadas play a critical role in providing local farms with water that is necessary for farming. One of the very best methods to discover Madeira is on one of the numerous different walking courses these levadas supply.

Must-try foods in Madeira, Portugal:

  • Tomato and Onion Soup
  • Tuna steak with fried maize
  • Black Scabbard fish fillet with Banana
  • “Espetada” and “Bolo do caco”
  • Wine and Garlic Pork
  • Passion Fruit Pudding

Vacationing in Norway

If you always get some seasonal blues due to a lingering winter, have you considered visiting the land of happiness- Norway? This northern European country bagged the first position of the World Happiness Index, the list of the happiest countries in the world by research scientists ranking.

Norway has so much to offer to all kinds of travelers. Many tourists always love to go to Norway to have an unobstructed view of nature like the midnight sun and the northern lights, and if anyone is interested in catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, the Lofoten Islands located in northwestern Norway is the best place to go.

If you feel you need more reasons to convince you to go to Norway (for a first time visitor) or you want to find out more things to do (if you are planning a return trip), here then are some:

  • Oslo

The capital of Norway offers adventurous contemporary art and beautiful architecture.

  • Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House was typically designed for the accommodation of many roof visitors, it is a perfect spot for viewing the water.

  • Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands attract most visitors for viewing the northern lights and midnight sun, as well as for their fishing.

  • Bodo

Bodo- the city with the densest population of white-tailed sea eagles in the entire world. You can sit, relax and watch birds here.

  • Flam

A trip to Norway without visiting some of the fishing villages, particularly Flam, isn’t exactly complete.


The mountains, glaciers and waterfalls are typically about pure sublime power. The natural wonders like the northern lights, midnight sun, the fjords and the quiet national parks in Norway highlights the country’s serene qualities.


When you are in Norway, there is no way you will be interested in staying indoor because there are so many fun activities to do, either by visiting the mountains, the coast or anywhere in between.


The change in attitude towards the food and drinks in Norway has been really tough. From envying other countries to celebrating what is typically Norwegian in modern and eccentric ways.

In all of these, you have to make sure your trip is well-planned. When you plan your trip, it will help you get exactly what you want and you’ll have the experience you hope for.

Best Places to Visit in Finland

So, you’re planning a holiday in Finland but not sure from where to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you!

Finland is a large country, here you have to decide where to go and to make the most of it, we prefer exploring the four main regions: Helsinki area, Lakeland, Archipelago, and Lapland. When people think of Finland, the first thing comes in mind is majestic forests and stunning natural landscapes where you can spend much time.

To help you, we have shared a list below of the best places to visit in Finland. Finland is all about beautiful forests, clean lakes, and amazing seaside.

Explore a castle name Olavinlinna

This castle sits in Savonlinna and famed for its three dominating towers and was constructed on a rock in the center of a glassy lake to afford it more protection from enemies. This is the best place to visit if you love history.

You’ll get into the castle while walking across a series of creaking bridges and the inside is a maze of ornate towers. There are guided tours here, which last an hour and will fill you in on all the history of daily life in the castle in the past.

Go skiing with Levi

The white unspoilt paradise, yes, here you’ll feel like paradise covered with white snow all over. If you love the snow and skiing, then you should add this to your list.

Here you’ll find the amazing 43 different slopes that are perfect for all different 26 ski lifts. Likewise, If you like snowboarding then there is a dedicated snowboard park also in the resort.

But if you don’t like doing any of above then don’t worry, you can also find a couple of activities to enjoy here like husky sled rides and a mesmerizing reindeer park.

Visit the animals at Helsinki Zoo

Ooh, It’s shiny!! This place is best to visit with family, especially with kids. If you are an animal lover then too you should visit this place, visiting the zoo is the best thing to do because here you’ll find the impressive 150 different species of animals as well as 1,000 kinds of plants. Animals as camels, bears, wolverines, monkeys, and lions which are generally not available in other zoos.

Nordic animals like wolves, reindeers, elks, and bison are the unique feature of this place.

Visit & watch the Imatrankoski Rapids

The Imatrankoski Rapids, one of the most favored attractions in Finland outside of Helsinki.

The rapids antedate 5,000 years and have been the result of flowing water from nearby lakes. Now, after the construction of the large dam, the rapids are released several times a day in the summer months so that visitors can enjoy the spectacular moving waves. This is like a treat to the eyes.

Visit the golden beach at Hietaniemi

Hietaniemi, an area on the outskirts of Helsinki, which nestles on the coast of Finland.

Here you can feel the unexpected golden sand on your body and also can visit a number of shops where you can rent kayaks and canoes to ride on the water. There are some parks along where you can sit by side to enjoy the coastal breezes and local eateries.

There is also a sauna where you can heat up if feeling cold anytime.

Venture inside Högberget Cave

Högberget Cave, which is known as the ‘Womb of Mother Earth’. Here you can walk to the cave which will open out of the side of granite cliff and the area around the cave is famous for its hiking trails which cut through the beautiful Finnish countryside.

You can take chances to go inside the gaping hole inside of the mountain to feel the majesty of this stunning relic from a bygone era.

Finland is one of the rare destinations, still untouched, unlike other mainstream travel spots. You can call out the dearth places here if you are an adventurer, the tourist, the shopper, and the culture-lover!! There are many more attraction points and unique things to do in Finland. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Finland right away if you wish to experience all above.

See New Zealand!

If you are making plans for your first trip to New Zealand, or if you are planning to go back there to see more of its beauty, you may want to check out this list to not miss out on the beautiful sights of New Zealand.


The Bay of Islands is one of the top places to go when you are New Zealand for sailing, fishing and for other watersport. It is about three hours from Auckland by car. This beautiful place consists of 144 islands between Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula.

There are numerous things to do in the Bay of Islands such as getting in or on water, scuba diving, exploring the underwater world, get up close with the marine life etc.


Milford Sound was referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world” by Rudyard Kipling, when you visit this place, you’ll see for yourself why. The best way to have a proper view of Milford Sound is from a boat. Take a cruise to sightsee of the fjord to see the wildlife and waterfalls.  You can navigate the waters on a kayaking tour.

When you experience the water from the surface, then you should go underneath- visit the Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory.


Being the largest city in New Zealand and its international air travel hub, this is one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. You have to stay for at least one or two nights in Auckland. There are so many things you’ll love to do in Auckland. Here are few of them- visit the Auckland Art Gallery (the largest art institution in New Zealand), take a stroll the Auckland Domain Park; if the weather is nice, you can as well stop over at the Parnell Farmers’ Market if you are visiting on a Saturday.


This is the most active volcano in the country, so we recommend this region for adventurous travelers. Your stroll at the White Island won’t be leisurely; you’ll have to wear a hard hat and a gas mask because this is a very active volcano. If the conventional helicopter tour of the island isn’t your thing, you can still explore the volcano via other ways like taking a boat to White Island.

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